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Smart Watch Design

Smart Watch Design

Bachelor thesis: design of a conceptual smart watch based on an extensive user study

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The scope and why

This project was conducted at Chalmers university of technology in collaboration with the Swedish watch-company TRIWA. The purpose of the project was to conduct an extensive user study to find out which features potential users see as the most attractive ones in a smart watch and then find a way to integrate them with TRIWAS existing design. A question was defined to keep the project within the scope and also to act as a measurement at the end. 

How can the modern smartwatch technology be integrated
with the analog watch without compromising its semantic expression?

The picture to the left shows TRIWAS model Nevil and Klinga, two of their bestselling watches. 



User research 

The user study contained data from both quantitative surveys with over 300 respondents and qualitative face to face interviews. The outcome of the study was that a lot of potential users consider the current models of smartwatches too clumsy and technical looking. However, the smartwatch concept is sought after on the market but most models lack the artistic style which made the wrist watch popular in the first place. 

”they are too ugly and
technical looking”

-Quote from user study


The response from the study showed that the users see the traditional watch as a symbolical sign and are therefore skeptical when new shapes and ideas are introduced on the market.

The key functions were:

  • Payment solution
  • Notifications
  • Activity tracking
  • Media control
  • The option to reject incoming calls.

Concept development

Moodboard: Analogue meets digital and busy city meets a Sunday stroll in Gamla stan  

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The project resulted in a final concept which was designed to be
perceived as an analog watch while featuring details which implies
smart watch functions. The smartwatch is developed with and for the users and it is optimized to utilize its size and space on the wrist.  The smartwatch is an extension of the smartphone where the user doesn’t have to search or reach for their phone in stressful situations. There is no need for manual time settings, it's updated automatically since it is paired with a smartphone, still it has physical time hands and TRIWA logo to imply a classical and stylish expression. 




the result

Incoming call and text message

Incoming call and text message

The activity notification where the user sets a goal for the day and the progress showed via the circle around the dial.

The activity notification where the user sets a goal for the day and the progress showed via the circle around the dial.

Manipulating the music by scrolling the crown, up for changing song and down to rewinding

Manipulating the music by scrolling the crown, up for changing song and down to rewinding


User scenario

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The function of the crown in the final concept is to be able to scroll through the various active functions of the clock. For example, when the user enters the media control application, the lock key is first pressed from locked mode to access the application menu, see top left image. The crown is then used to scroll though the applications and when the media control application appears in the application menu, the activity button is pressed to activate it, top right image. When the Activity button is pressed and the media control application is active, it is possible to scroll the crown to change the song and use the activity button to pause or start the music, see the small top images. To exit the active application, press the lock button, which locks the clock to normal clock mode where only the dates are displayed. Some applications require prioritization over others, such as incoming calls where the name of the caller appears on the screen regardless of any other application that is active, see bottom right image, this can then be rejected by pressing the activity button and the clock returns to the application that was active earlier, see arrow from bottom right to left image.