Designer from Gothenburg Sweden

Usedby redesign

Used By Redesign

User study and concept development of the Used By app.



User research

Used By is a platform for selling used goods such as clothing, accessories, interior and toys. Their niche is that they focus on high rated fashion profiles and bloggers to create online wardrobes and sell things they no longer use, such as clothes and interior.  

The design of the app is relatively simple and easy to use but some views are not fully designed and thus the user experience is low. One thing that is lacking is a clear way of showing the wardrobes, which is what Usedby is based on. They also focus on being a fashion forward company, but have big gaps in their filtering options. Furthermore, the mixing of Swedish and English throughout the app creates an inadequate user experience.

In this performed study project, conducted through interviews and user testing of the excising GUI, it was concluded that the first page, category page and filtering is what would create the most user-friendly experience. For this, the following filtering options should be added: 

  • Your style
  • Wardrobe
  • Multiple selections 

The study also suggested an additional feature of  ”following” a specific wardrobe. This could be added in the wardrobe page with a simple following button.

iPhone 6-7-8 – 1.png




home page

New design of the first page with a cohesive design with easily navigation of the different pages.





Users click on a picture to
access a chosen category to brows.





Design of the new filtering system with the new function of searching for a specific wardrobe.
The ability to select multiple options was also added.