Designer from Gothenburg Sweden

Graphical User Interface For a New Content Management System

Design for a new CMS

This was a collaboration with a Gothenburg based company that works with developing interactive display solutions
to improve the shopping experience in retail environments.


The Aim

The project aims at redesigning the user interface of the current user interface to make it easier
for each individual stakeholder to independently perform their desired tasks.
And this was achieved through several interviews with stakeholders, wireframing and testing.


Skärmavbild 2019-02-14 kl. 13.13.33.png


This project began with a literature study to gain an understanding of what a CMS is. This followed with a user studie containing interviews with several different stakeholders at the company and their customers.


“There needs to be a good overview of what is available within the portal.”

“There is no way to create new menus within the portal. I would like to do this myself.”

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To structure al the data gathered during the last phase, a Affinity Diagram was made. The diagram was orginized into several different categories which later was converted into requirements.

Skärmavbild 2019-02-14 kl. 13.13.45.png

Skärmavbild 2019-02-14 kl. 13.13.57.png


The requirements was later turned into wireframes using methods such as Crazy 8. Something that I wish would have been done more was to have more iterations with the customer to ensure that the design was going in the direction that they liked. Once we had a problem we discussed it within the group and not with the customer, this is something i wish we had done!


Analytics (4).png


The project ended with a presentation at the company where the new CMS portal was presented using screenshots and mockups. The response was super rewarding and they really liked the new design and the new features, especially the new overview and menu creating tool.

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Page Samples

PSD 1.jpg

Design Rationale

Designing for multiple users with different goals

The biggest issues discovered during the project were that there are several different stakeholders that are using the same CMS for very different reasons and goals. This meant that the portal needs to be adjustable for different types of users who all requests different features. This resulted in a final user interface which had high customizability as well as different kind of content for different users.



Getting an overview of the portal was one of the requests from the interviewees, but it meant different things to different interviewees. To solve this issue, a new view was created called Overview. The overview view is like a dashboard of widgets, where the user can customize the content to show the information they are most interested in. Such content could include statistics, frequent contacts, status and information about in-store screens. The plus button in the bottom right corner is used to add additional widgets with content of the users’ own choice. Furthermore, this button is used in several other views throughout the application whenever something is to be added.

MENU LIST (1).png

Creating menues

One highly ranked requirement from the user study was that the customers should have tools to design their menus themselves within the portal. The old portal only showed an image of the menu and did not accommodate any alterations.