Designer from Gothenburg Sweden

Bill sharing within the payment app Swish

Adding features to Swish

Making the splitting of bills easier


This was a school project where we were supposed to add a split bill feature to the Swish app. 


To learn more about wireframing, brand identity and UI design I created
this feature to share a payment amongst friends

For a long time I have had this though that I wanted to add another feature to the Swish app where the user could request money or in some way share a bill easier. Swish is a great app for splitting up the bill at a restaurant in a very convenient way. Someone pays for the party and then the others Swish that person and the money is transferred directly. Even though, I have noticed that people find it annoying to Swish for the things they've eaten so in the end the bill is just split equally. Therefore, I was pretty excited to get this assignment to actually design this feature, even though it was for a school project where we only had 3 hours. 




Three friends are going to a restaurant together. One of them pays for the bill and creates a Group Receipt by scanning the bill. All the items are then loaded in a list and the person who payed makes a left swipe gesture to either claim or split one of the items. Once finished claiming the items a receipt can be made and a custom QR code is generated for the other friends to scan in their Swish app. That way they get added in the Group Receipt and they can start to claim or split their own items and pay for their meal.

Desktop HD 3.png